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    How can I restrict who can create a space?


      I thought that our instance was set up so that only system admins could create spaces, but all of a sudden I am noticing that regular users have the option to create a space in the create menu. I have searched the JC, the community admin documentation, and the admin console and still have not figured out from where I can restrict this. Is there a system property of which I'm unaware? Help! We are trying to limit space creation and having that option open for all users is not something we want to continue.

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          Hi Julie,


          Reviewing through your description above it's possible these users are designated as admin users for a specific space. As such, they would have the ability to create sub-spaces within that space which would surface the create >> space option in their action tab. A couple of ways to check this would be to login as a regular account in your instance and check for the following:


          1. When selecting the create >> space option, what spaces are available to create the new space in?

          2. If you navigate to their user menu does the "admin console" option appear?

          3. If so, what options within the admin console do they have access to?


          Lastly, if you would like assistance investigating the behavior in your specific instance, please submit a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step and a member of our support team can review through your instance. When submitting the case if you could also provide the following it shoudl assist with their investigation:


          1. An example user that is seeing the create >> space option but you are not expecting to have this permission

          2. If the admin console option is present in their user menu, a screenshot of the page they see when navigating to the admin console



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              Hi, Jesse. I double (triple, quadruple) checked that these are not users who have admin rights to create subspaces in particular spaces. They don't have access to the admin console. These are regular users. And all of them now seem to have access to create spaces. I would normally open a case, but thought that this was such an obvious standard option or system property that I was missing, I thought I'd start here. I guess not. Thanks.