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    Migration from Jive cloud to Jive Hosted

    mckenzie_j Novice

      Hi Experts,




      We are exploring different solutions Jive provides for its customers and would like to explore the Hosted solution for our project. We would be required to migrate data and contents from a cloud instance of Jive to the Jive-Hosted solution.  In this regard, We would like to know if there is any knowledge document shared that can give us an idea of how to carry this one out.


      1. Does Jive help in extracting content and data from the customer's cloud environment?


      2. What will be the migrated data export form?


      3. How does Jive help in migrating the contents from storage provider in cloud?


      4. For Jive hosted solution, What will be Jive's support in terms of infrastructure? Do you provide the servers for application, Doc conversion, storage provider, Databases for JIVE app, EAE, Analytics etc.,


      5. Any challenges or parameters that should be considered during this phase.



      Kindly help us by providing the response to these questions. Further if there is any resources available, that can help us start understanding this process, it will be very useful.