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    Ask tile to return only correct answers?


      Is there any demand out there to be able to configure the 'Ask a question' tile to return only correct answers?

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          I'll throw my opinion in the hat for what it's worth.  I think it is best to always show all content including unanswered questions.  Showing only correct answers would only be helpful in a community where you have checks and balances to make sure that all threads are being appropriately marked with answers after some interaction occurs.  That is hard to do.  Even when this was a mandate, I still had trouble getting threads properly marked and had to do a quarterly clean up effort by getting all the unanswered questions in a checkoff list and asking the SMEs to go check each one. Even if all threads were marked, I still think it would be best to surface unanswered questions too.  If you don't, you risk duplicating questions and creating more clutter.  Especially in mature communities I think it is common to see that someone already asked the same question or a very similar one.  In that case I think it is best to participate in that thread to make it more helpful and hopefully get an answer.  The last reason is that even when there isn't a correct answer marked there can be tons of helpful answers.  I wouldn't want someone to miss seeing those.

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