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    Jive V3 REST API 403 error


      Hi, we implemented this jQuery AJAX code within a script tag using an HTML widget within Jive:


      type: 'POST',

      url: "/api/core/v3/places/xxxx/contents",

      data: JSON.stringify({

      "content": {

      "type": "text/html",

      "text": "some data"


      "subject": "subject text",

      "type": "post"


      success: function(e){


      error: function (request, status, error) {


      dataType: "json",

      contentType: "application/json"



      The code posted the data fine to a blog via the Jive V3 REST API up until around 28 July 2016 when it suddenly stopped working.


      We did not change any code in this period.


      We now get this error code back:


      403 (Forbidden)


        "code" : 4026,

        "message" : "The request could not be validated as originating from within the SBS application"



      We have contacted the Jive support team but unfortunately they cannot help us, as they class this as "custom code".


      Does anyone know how we can resolve this issue?