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    Similar discussions recomendation


      Is there any best practice to avoid duplicate discussions being created? One thing we have done is recommend similar discussions while creating a new question, while it has helped to a certain extent, hasn't solved the problem completely.

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          Billy Volpone

          Have you tried leveraging the "Ask a Question" widget or tile? The new updated tile for this goes much further than before and allows for question deflection both by pulling in other discussions, but also documents, blogs, or videos. Most of the communities I've worked with every have this tile on each and every space/group to truly deflect any duplication while making it even easier for the users to start up a thread.

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            It's unlikely this problem will ever get fully resolved. You can lead the horse to water with props, taking different paths, use Ask A Question (Billy is absolutely on the money here as it will reduce the problem), etc. but at the end of the day the irresistible force called human nature/behavior comes in to play. Just trying to be realistic with this thought.


            Would love to hear from others if they have tried other approaches --- what worked (or worked better), what did not work?