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    Edit the 'new idea' text prompt


      We would like to be able to edit the prompt "Add some persuasive details" but I cannot find where this would be done in the admin panel.  I have also searched the Jive Community for answers, with no luck.  Anyone know where this is updated?  Thanks.

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          I've never seen this behavior before either here or with my last employer where creating an idea leaves it blank. Have a look at the Jive 8 custom fields documentation to see if there is something there to change (which, by the way, is the exact same as the Jive 9/X/Cloud documentation).


          Another idea I am thinking about, coming at this from a different angle, is to use Google development tools to see the HTML/classes as I am wondering if it is built in to the theme in your case. When I just took a look myself, I see the text I enter is in:


          <body id="tinymce" class="jive-widget-formattedtext mceContentBody tiny_mce_content" onload="window.parent.tinyMCE.get('wysiwygtext').onLoad.dispatch();" contenteditable="true" dir="ltr"><p>XXX<br></p></body>


          The "XXX" was the text I entered.


          2 other clues I see that makes me think you might have a customized theme are: your title is centered (it's usually left justified) and the margins/padding for where the text appears seems to be bigger than usual:




          Looking at where "Idea title" is coming from, I found this:


          <label for="subject" class="j-508-label">Idea title</label>


          And this might actually be the best clue as to where to go to get a change made, which I further suspect is the theme.

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            I think Rob is on to something about you having a custom theme.  I've never seen "Add some persuasive details" be there by default.  If you are hosted (not available on Cloud ), you can probably change this with a phrase substitution, but I don't know the exact arguments to tell you.  Maybe one of these will help you:


            How to: Configure Phrase Substitutions

            Advanced Phrase Substitution in the UI

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              Thank you, Rob & Matt.


              I'll keep looking.  We are cloud, JiveX. 

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                Alex Nassi

                Contrary to Rob and Matt, I have the same behavior as you on my cloud Jive-x community (using Content Evolution) :

                I have a custom theme (one live and another that is about to launch) and both have this "Add some persuasive details" text. I don't have any ideas on how to fix it, but I wanted to at least confirm that it is not specific to your site.

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