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    Different Quests for Different Groups/Spaces


      We recently ran an Early Adopter Program, via a private group in Jive. We created 20 or so quests jsut for that group, using the Advocates function.


      I'm now setting up a private group for our advocates and I'd like them to have their own challenges. I see how to do this (Rewards > Quests > Advocates > Settings) and have created some test quests for this group. BUT I also see my EAP quests in the group.


      Is there a way to have quests just for specific group, that don't show up in ALL groups where you use Advocates. Should I be creating the challenges another way? It seems now that ANY quests specific to a certain group will appear to whatever group is currently selected in Settings. I need quests for different groups, hidden from all other groups.


      Here's how it looks: