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    Allow users to link to their external blogs?

    Adam Arrowsmith

      I'm curious to know other community managers' opinions and policies on allowing users to create content that links to specific posts on their external/personal blogs. On the surface that may sound like easy "no: blatant spam" but allow me to provide a little context.


      I manage a community for a technical software product in which linking to external content (e.g. application documentation, general purpose forums like StackOverflow, Wikipedia, etc.) is a perfectly acceptable and very common means to answer a question. I've had a few instances where a user (sometimes an implementation partner of ours) in good nature either answers a question with a link to their external/company blog with the solution or proactively posts about something cool they've done or learned with our product.


      Although to date the users have been genuine and posts relevant, I decided to remove the posts citing the solicitation clause in our community guidelines. However I did so with a mixed heart: I'd prefer to have the content and subsequent comments captured in our community but the users are acting in the spirit of the community by sharing their knowledge and the content is good and definitely "on topic". Removing the posts can seem like squashing participation, but I also don't want every partner of ours syndicating their every blog post.


      Has anyone else faced a similar dilemma? How have you handled it?


      Banned it, allowed it, created a separate place for it? One option I have not exercised yet is allowing users to create blogs within our community, although I'm not sure how willing partners would be to post there vs. their own blogs.


      (Inspired in part by Blogs on blogs on blogs. )