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    Valentines Day - what do you LOVE about your community?


      In celebration of LOVE with the upcoming Valentines' day holiday, are there any special campaigns that you are working on in your community?  I'd love to hear your ideas and share what you LOVE about about your community! 



      I'll go first:


      I LOVE how I can use the community to look up profiles of people I'm going to meet with for the first time.   

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          Very nice. 


          I'll go next:


          There are many tangible and intangible benefits of using Jive. What I LOVE the most about VA Pulse/Jive is that it enables me to break down the organizational silos and the communication barrier.  IMHO it empowers me with the knowledge and access that I wouldn't be able to achieve with VA SharePoint platforms.  I equate Jive to Linux Open Source Concept.

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            Libby Taylor

            No special campaigns for JiveWorks... I LOVE that working in a community has allowed me to virtually connect with people in a way that I feel has built lasting and meaningful relationships in real life.

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              For external (JiveWorks!): I LOVE everyone's willingness to share and collaborate with other users from all different departments, backgrounds, locations and even different companies. <3


              For internal (Brewspace!): Since Lea already mentioned being able to look at their face... I LOVE the org chart - seeing how people are connected and being able to reach out to the right people. I have friends spanning all different departments across the globe. <3

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                We have an internal community of about 36K employees, so there can be a wide array of opinions on our business and current events. I LOVE that there are respectful, curious, empathetic conversations happening right now in our open forums involving people all over the world. Personally, learning about different experiences and perspectives helps me to see a bigger picture than I would without this diverse community.

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                  For Jive Internal, we have been using themes based off of holidays and whatnot just to get more people to actually sign on and see the ease of access to contacting others in the agency, not to mention all the documents that were scattered all over the place before Jive came into our lives!


                  I was given a base thought about some sort of profile matching game, though I do not know how to flesh it out. If i figure it out, i'll post here too.

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                    I like the holiday tie-ins when can pull them into outreach and marketing. This year I have tied our annual Best of milSuite Awards to Valentine's Day. Because we LOOOOVVE our Users. And this allows us to show that at a time when no one else is doing, or doling out, awards!


                    The Users LOVE the contest and this year it has heated up better than ever. The only thing to watch for is those CoPs/CoIs that can rally the greatest users crowd may win, but may not be the best use case in our eyes sometimes, so we keep all nominees on the best of site for reference.  A vote is done via poll per category. 


                    1. We will announce the winners on Valentine's Day and illustrate how we LOVE our users and our best practice communities that make the biggest difference. In these awards, we have several categories of awards from Individual User, to User Group (COI/COP), multi-platform use case (as our users can use several toolsets we host for them besides our milBook Jive instance that we host on Prem.)
                    2. As users, groups and communities get nominated we post regularly on the status of all nominees. But then we put them out for a crowd vote for about a week. (If a tie exists, our team is the tie-breakeing vote and we vet them very hard at that point as we need a solid justifiable winner ... just like the Superbowl can not have a tie. 
                    3. In the end we will post the results on Valentine's Day and wrap up with a somewhat humorous Thank U-sers! Awards video from our team about the winning nominees. We post and push that into what I have turned in to a Best of milSuite History Community where we showcase all past winners and nominees too. (We used to only include winners as it was strictly milBook (Jive) back then, but now we include other toolsets we offer in combinatorial use cases.)
                    4. Then we take this Best of milSuite History Community and send/include it in all initial communication channels we make with all new users when they join. We will showcase it in our support base communities too and can point to it any time. This works as they get to research and see all the best use cases across the COPs/COIs in various services and DoD that users LOVE!
                    5. We point all Sr. Leaders to this at any time too to show ROI of our collective toolset and to dispel worries and do some myth-busting that has to be done that we are "just social media".  We are social business getting things done transparently for DoD-GOV.  Then they can LOVE our platform too! Always great when you can let the users do the talking about what they ;love about our platform.  We couldn't have said it better.  They usually always respond.
                    6. Rinse and repeat for next year and grow weaker areas of use across our collective audience.
                    7. Winning Theme for this year ~ Love is a many splendored thing. So is social business when done right.