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    Jive version and Hosting solutions


      Hi Experts,


      I am trying to learn the difference of Jive versions on the 3 different hosting solutions , Jive has. Following are my assumptions:


      1. As of date, Jive has 3 different ways of hosting its platform - Cloud, Jive hosted, On-Premise.

      2. As of date, as per Jive Release Schedule  the version of Jive for Cloud, Jive hosted, On-Premise is  2016.3,, respectively.

      3. Jive hosted and On premise versions of Jive are one and the same in terms of features and codebase . They differ only in the way they are hosted in an environment.


      Having said that, these also gives rise to questions:


      1. What are the difference in terms of features and codebase for Jive cloud, Jive hosted and on Premise. I know that cloud version cannot be customized using plugins etc., But are there any feature differences in the vanilla instances of these three flavors. If so, what are they?


      2. If Jive versions of Jive hosted and On premise are the same(I still feel it is same as per their release document), can an on premise version of Jive  be hosted on AWS?


      3. Are there any documents that help in understanding steps involved in deploying Jive on premise/hosted solution in AWS?