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    JiveWorks account connection frequent disconnection on Jive Outlook plugin 30.5




      Since the upgrade of the public Jivecommunity  AKA JiveWorks to Jive i'm noticing a strange behaviour on my account connection  in jive for outlook  


      the connection default quickly to Not Authorized almost after few howers ( maximum one day )


      I didn't change my password since few months at least  



      so now i had to re authenticate on jive for office systematically every day to be able to use the jive for outlook plugin



      other internal on prem communities that i'm using don't show the problem ( jive 8 connection with jive plug 30.5.0



      My guess by check jive for outlook /office acount settings xml file is that it uses Basic authenticcation /not oatuh unlike other connections that don't show the problem



      how can i make sure to revert this to OAUTH as auth mode from my client on that particular connection


      i'm using office outlook 2010 on windows 7 sp2 64 bit



      cc Gil Grycman  Yuval Twig



      Thanks for your help