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    Have you updated your privacy so that others can see your name in JiveWorks?

    Libby Taylor Expert

      To all of our new JiveWorks members, one important first step is updating your privacy settings so that other registered members of this community can see your name. In order to protect all members' privacy coming into this community, we set your name visibility to only yourself. That said, when you are working in a community like JiveWorks, being able to see someone's name is an important way to connect with them.


      Privacy Options

      That's why we urge new members to update their privacy settings from Private -only yourself- to one of the following options:

      • Everyone -- That means even people who are not JiveWorks members can see  your name.
      • Registered users -- Only other people who are registered in JiveWorks and logged in can see your name
      • Connections -- Only the people that follow you and that you have followed in return can see your name.


      Update your Privacy Settings

      1. Under your avatar picture in the top menu (this is called your Personal Menu), select Edit Profile.
      2. Click on the tab for Privacy
      3. For the Profile Field for Name, select the option above that you prefer.
      4. Scroll down the page and select Save.


      If you have any questions or issues conducting this change, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!