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    Have a story to share at JiveWorld? Looking for mature internal community stories from leaders with battle scars from hard-won successes?


      For many of you veteran Jive customers you know we tailor the JiveWorld Advanced Track  for customers who have been in the trenches 2+ years or more and we look for stories covering challenges around reinvigorating engagement or proving the value.


      While we received a lot of submissions for JiveWorld speakers, this year I want to up the ante for the talks in the Mature Community track. I'm about to close my selections for this track and I'm looking for 2-3 amazing internal / employee stories from leaders who have battle scars to show from their hard won successes in the trenches. We know many veteran customers have been in this industry 5 years or more and you're tired of the foundation stories. In the past we've dealt with challenges of managing global communities, measurement dashboards and ROI, effectively using surveys to target your change programs, specific tactics in coaching executives on digital literacy, using Jive to drive innovation and idea jams, benchmarking your program and more. We really try to stay away from telling you how to launch and we focus stories on the more tactical, tough challenges.


      The Ask: If you think you have an amazing story to share that proved DRIVING DEEPER GROWTH, ENGAGEMENT for an internal, employee community, we want you to comment below and submit your story for JiveWorld17 by close of business Friday, February 10, 2017.


      Deadline: COB Friday, February 10, 2017


      Themes to inspire you

      The themes you could address can cover any one of the following:


      • Reinvigorating the community program strategy and budget and successfully securing renewed executive commitment
      • Effectively selling your staffing growth plans for your community program (what are the roles, how did you justify the roles? what hurdles did you have to overcome? what skills did you look for? how did this help you grow your program?)
      • Key strategies used to drive expanded growth and use cases in a 2+ year employee community
      • Deep dive on unique strategic use cases (what the use cases were, who signed up to "own" the business sponsorship, what the use case looked like in the platform or outside the platform, what successes did you see and did it inspire more to join in?0
      • Beyond Advocates and Champions 101 (what did you do to pay extreme attention to this group, how they helped you get work done in the community or in communicating/trainnig, what tactics were successful, what did you wish you did better?)
      • Challenges of managing a global, multi-language community and how you addressed it
      • Challenges in dealing with community sprawl, managing a clean up and/or revamping the community site architecture
      • Challenges in effectively redesigning a community, put member user experience first
      • Effectively migrating to cloud and managing a change program to address training, comms and new uses
      • Other ideas you have?


      To submit to present in this track / session comment below with the following:

      1. Your name and email address (I will need a way to reach out to you directly)
      2. Your topic idea title (address one of the themes above or a unique one of your own)
      3. Your current employer (must be with an active Jive customer account and have an internal / employee community)
      4. Abstract. This can be 5-10 sentences or bullets and should include:
        • Problem statement: What was the problem you needed to solve? Why was that a problem?
        • What specific 3 things did you do to address the problem? (Don't just say we addressed our advocate program. Tell us what specific tactics you used that uniquely involved advocates differently - i.e. we got HR / direct managers to approve specific KRAs that counted against individual development goals to do x,y,z in the community that aligned with a corporate initiative of x. We outlined expected resource commitments and specific programs we asked them to run - sample a. Give us enough of an overview so we have a sense about the tactics will help us determine unique ideas you addressed.)
        • What evidence did you collect that your actions were a success? Or if it failed, what insights will you share on what you wish you did differently (failures are learning opps, too, for all of us). Did you get feedback from execs or use case members? Did you reduce costs, change a process or help close a deal differently?



      FYI Jive Advanced Customer Measurement


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          Libby Taylor

          Thanks for reaching out to our members this way! I know that many of you have these exact examples/solutions to share... please reach out to Claire and comment above so that you can be considered for these sessions.

          • Re: Have a story to share at JiveWorld? Looking for mature internal community stories from leaders with battle scars from hard-won successes?
            Dennis Pearce

            Dennis Pearce, Lexmark (12,000 employees worldwide)   dennis.pearce@lexmark.com


            I have a couple of options if they would be of interest to others:


            Option 1. Executive Use of Jive to Manage Change through Good Times and Bad

            This is probably best explained using a timeline:

            • 2010-2011: Lexmark announced plans to pivot from strictly a printer company to software development and acquired two software companies
            • 2012: We became a Jive customer.  One of the first things the CEO did was set up a space where he could explain the new strategy and take questions on it, including a 10 minute video where he explained it on a whiteboard.  As late as December of last year that space was still averaging 300 visitors/month.
            • 2012-early 2015: We acquired an additional 12 companies.  A special section of our Jive instance was set up to help acquisition employees with onboarding.  Custom sub-spaces for each acquired company were created so that they had not only the boilerplate HR information but also information tailored to their particular circumstances (cutover dates for systems, etc.). And of course every space included the ability to ask questions, which the integration team responded to.
            • April 2015: Lexmark announced an new brand and logo.  Corporate Communications set up a space to provide resources (official logo images, etc.) and handle all questions regarding signage, business cards, advertising, packaging, etc. We had a celebration day and they encouraged all locations worldwide to film their celebrations and submit them, after which they were compiled and posted in the Brand Launch Day Celebration space for employees to view.
            • November 2015: After determining that the software pivot was not working as hoped, Lexmark announced the decision to "explore strategic alternatives" (either become acquired, become privately held, or be broken up). This was obviously disconcerting news to employees so executives set up a space called "Forward: Exploring Strategic Alternatives" in which they responded to employee questions as well as addressing speculations in the press.  The CEO, CFO, VP of HR, and Chief Legal Counsel all participated in answering questions.
            • April 2016: Announcement that Lexmark was acquired by a consortium of Chinese-owned companies.  The "Forward: Exploring Alternatives" space was renamed to "Forward: Beyond the Merger" and continues to operate today as employees have questions about new government regulations that we have to follow.  To date there have been 40 blog posts from executives and Corp Comms in this space and over 60 questions answered.
            • It was also announced that we would be splitting off our Enterprise Software division, work that is still ongoing.  So in addition to handling general employee questions in the space mentioned above, the spaces we had previously been using for managing integration of systems from acquired companies have been repurposed to manage separation of systems during divestiture.


            The last five years have been really exciting for Lexmark in both positive and negative ways.  But we have found that there is always a place for Jive in managing that change.  It has been essential for dampening the rumor mill and getting all employees aligned and through each change curve as quickly as possible.


            Option 2. I've already typed enough here so I won't belabor this one but we have used our Water Cooler to strategic advantage in terms of successful Enterprise Q&A, amplification of stories that might otherwise fly under the radar, and spin-offs of places for more focused discussion topics.  I spoke about this last November at KMWorld and would be happy to do something similar if there is interest.  You can see the slides here and I also wrote a detailed blog post about it which you can read here.

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            • Re: Have a story to share at JiveWorld? Looking for mature internal community stories from leaders with battle scars from hard-won successes?

              I think you are aware that Leidos has a story that includes running Jive parallel to our intranet then converting over to Jive as our intranet (2011-2014).  I'd be happy to refresh you on that journey.


              In 2013 we launched Ask Your Colleagues as a place to crowdsource answers to technical questions across the enterprise.  In 2014 we added crowdsourcing ideas where employees present ideas to improve the enterprise.   We spoke on these topics at JW16 Driving a culture of Innovation and Collaboration


              And in 2016 we have another strategic use case that we deployed to facilitate doubling our user base in one day.  In August 2016 we completed a merger that doubled our employee base.  We used our Jive instance to welcome our new employees and continue to use it to provide transition/integration information specific to the new users while still providing legacy information for the legacy employees.


              • Problem Statement:
                • How to double our user base in one day providing unique information for the existing and new users
              • What 3 specific things did you do to address the problem?:
                • Create a space specifically for the new users and set it up as the landing page for them when they log in
                • Cross-link content to provide unique information for the two populations
                • Revamp all help materials to ensure they were complete, accurate and clear
                • Re-organize functional content to the way users use the data (vs how the function is organized)
                • Provide ongoing live (in-person and virtual) and recorded training to give the new users an overview that our Jive instance is way more than our intranet and bring new space/group/content owners up to speed
                • Monitor usage to identify early adopters and quickly develop them into Champions
                • One-on-one sessions with new ELT and managers to ensure they were comfortable and advocating use
                • Revamped our steering committee to ensure our new enterprise is fully represented
              • What evidence did you collect to ensure your actions were a success?:
                • Adoption metrics
                • User feedback
                • Leadership feedback


              I realize I missed your deadline, but I was on vacation and just saw your post today.



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