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    Import Badge Assignment


      Hello, after watching the video in Data Import Walkthrough - Advanced Gamification Module I have the following question.


      I currently have missions that I assign manually to users. I would like to use the Data Import feature.  I  understand where to get the jive user id and the metadata information. But the 'Action to Log' is not clear. How do I tie the missions I have created?


      For example I have 2 users, each one completing the different missions below.  These missions reside under the same folder and metadata: LB: MOSC.  Is there a way to import the completion of these? Thanks, Linda

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          Sanford Ross

          To get the action names, click into the Mission and pull the exact action name from the Rules tab.


          Note: by doing the data import, you are indirectly awarding the missions. By manually loading the actions that will award the missions. Slight difference based on how you have your missions set up (one-time, repeating, multiple rules, etc)