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    Identify users with no content & have never logged in via REST API


      I've been asked to find and *delete* users in our Jive cloud instance (i.e, we have no database access) who have never logged in and also do not have any content.  Users who have content but have never logged in we want to keep - they will have been migrated from an older system, and while they've never logged into the new Jive site, we still want to keep the content that was moved in with them.


      The Jive REST API seems specifically unable to help me with this, unless I'm missing something.


      The best I can come up with, is to iterate through *all* users (we have tens of thousands) then for each one perform a content search by author, then mark them for deletion if there are no results.


      This seems wildly inefficient and also doesn't allow me to target users who have never logged in - this method would target active lurkers, which we don't want.  There are 'updated' and 'profileUpdated' fields I could inspect, but we migrated users into Jive from many other smaller systems over the course of several months, so it's not as easy as 'all users last updated before X have never logged in' - also I'm not even certain that logging in updates either of those dates.


      Is there an API endpoint I'm missing which would make this much easier?  Has anyone else done anything similar or can suggest an alternate path to doing this?


      Many thanks,