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    Widget for profile specific content


      Hi everyone, wondering if someone can help point me to an existing widget / API / approach that can do the following, have searched the JC but can't find anything so far.


      The widget needs to show filtered content based on either:


      1 ) The users choice of their role from a drop down

      2 ) The users role as per their profile


      Examples for each of those:


      1 ) The user goes to a group and chooses their role as 'marketing manager'. A widget is updated to show recent content specific for that role, e.g. content that matches the tag  'marketing_manager'.


      The choice of role would be one time only and future visits to the group would default to that role for them on an individual basis.


      2 ) The user goes to a group and sees a widget with filtered content for their role as a marketing manager. Their role is sourced from their profile.


      Thanks in advance