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    Anyone launched Jive Daily at their company?

    Dina Vekaria-Patel

      Dear fellow CM's


      Earlier this month, we launched Jive Daily to our internal community. We were wondering if anyone else has launched Jive Daily to their company?


      We're restricted to newsletters and banners on our community homepage. We can't really send out a global communication through email as that's reserved for high-level business communications, so we don't spam our colleagues. We have launched the following ways:


      1. Global Newsletter (Unfortunately, colleagues can unsubscribe)
      2. Banner on community homepage (only those that visit the homepage will see this)
      3. Help documents in our Neo Help space (but only those who follow the space through notifications would have been notified)
      4. Item on a monthly "Welcome to Neo" email (goes out to all new employees only)


      If you have launched Jive Daily at your company, what methods did you use for launch? To make this conversation broader, it doesn't have to be Jive Daily that you launched. A launch plan can be adapted to the product, so happy to hear any and all thoughts on what more we can do to reach the masses.


      Tanya, I know you were in the process of launching Daily in December, how did it go?


      Thank everyone, really do appreciate any insight you can give.

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          Hi Dina - we've done a soft launch to date on the app, encouraging key advocates to download the app and spread the word -


          We do have a holding page in our community with information and faq's - screen shot below -


          I have promoted via in person team meetings, PR, Marketing, Office Managers, and our IT Help Desk, who are encouraging people to download, and also via my Status Updates.



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            Hi Dina Vekaria-Patel,


            We did introduce Jive Daily (soft launch) back when we migrated to cloud (Sep 2016) as we had to ask our users to switch over from the old app to the new one.


            We didn't push it out too much as there was a minor issue with the app for a while - so we waited for the issue to be fixed. Here is what I've done so far...


            • Wrote a blog post end of last year and got some positive feedback on it!
            • Been featuring Jive Daily as a 'Hot Spot' on the homepage this month and plan to keep it there for a while
            • Early this year, we ran an initiative in the UK office 'away day' where employees were told to only upload content via the app onto the  'away day' group page. I know some users encountered problems  (issue on size of video and we are trying to figure out the issue with Jive and another was a user error). I plan to get feedback on this and perhaps blog about it (if the feedback is positive!!) And this might encourage others to use the app.
            • I would love to create a Jive Daily video that introduces the app and how to use it - I've just asked a question here to see if anyone has already done it:Jive Daily Video
            • We have training documents on how to use the app on our support page

            Image of our Hot Spot on homepage



            I will see how the uptake is and then try to promote it further!

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              You appear to have overlooked another channel available to you, Dina Vekaria-Patel: system announcements with the Send to Inbox option selected. These are not as effective as an email sent to all users, of course, but those who are set up to get email notifications from the Jive Inbox will get the news through email, and some small percentage that actually check their Jive Inbox would see it, too.


              Not a silver bullet, but another arrow in your quiver (mixed metaphors can actually be fun...).

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                  Dina Vekaria-Patel

                  I love that feature Ted, but we said we would never abuse system announcements and keep it for things like outages. We did however break this rule to launch Jive Daily earlier this year. So it wasn't part of our launch comms plan, but we did do a cheeky announcement post-launch.

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                      I respect the restraint you're exercising so as not to bombard people with email. We have similar policies, but yours sound much more stringent.


                      I will say, however, that as I have begun tracking more and more with Google Analytics I am able to see the impact that promoting selected posts from Jive in daily and weekly emails has for us. While the percentage of total views directly from email is in single digits, I wonder how much engagement is indirectly boosted because the fact that there is content in the community is not forgotten -- we're in their face every day, so it's hard to forget that the community is a resource the company is using.

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