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    Is there an update about the licensing of external users?


      We are using Jive-n cloud and we want to give our customers access to external groups to verify their project status.
      I tried to find out how the external users are licensed.


      I found this post but I believe it is out dated:Licensing for external customer communities

      This is what Kara Francis has written in 2015 and this is what our consultant told us:

      Ah, so you are asking about the "externally-accessible group" feature where you invite someone outside of your actual Jive internal instance.  I asked this question when I was looking at internal vs. external for another company and the response at the time was that you can have 20 free (or was it 25?) external users per paid internal user.  So basically, you don't pay extra for those "external users".  But for those external users you have to invite them (and they only have access to the private group(s) that you invited them to and not your employees' profiles, etc.), so you should be able to control the volume to some extent.


      But now we got an information, that you have to buy an additional package to increase the number of external users which is only 25 by default.
      Can somebody tell me if there was a change between 2015 and now? And why?