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    User Count Discrepancy


      Not sure why there is a big difference between that count of total logged on users downloaded from community manager and the count of users from the user data extracted from API.  Can anyone help shed some lights on this discrepancy?

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          Hi xiaohong zhang,


          Reviewing through your description, there is one thing to note when viewing reports through the CMR tool, which is the data in those reports is delayed by one day, so if you are comparing newer content in your instance it's possible the numbers will not align as the CMR data is a daily snapshot for activity in your instance vs a live look at content data.


          That being said, if you are seeing discrepancies in the analytic's data for your instance I would recommend submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) as a next step, so that a member of our support team can perform further investigations specific to your instance.