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    Android App Bug - Keyboard overlaps UI



      I love using the Android app in a meeting, but this bug is rather frustrating.


      When a task is opened, as in the edit mode, and I try to add a subtask the system keyboard overlaps the input field so that I cannot see what I am typing.

      It is not an issue with any other input, since those pop out in an floating window, but the subtasks do not.


      Attached is a screenshot where the issue happend while editing an existing subtask, hidden behind the keyboard. You can see the text selector (blue marker) over the keyboard where the input field is hidden.

      The screen was scrolled all the way down.


      < edit >

      I just noticed that the text selector perfectly lines up to the top end of a standard keyboard layout.

      Since my swiftkey-board is taller than standard, could that be the source of the problem?

      </ edit >


      Hope this gets fixed rather soon, blind typing is not my strong point.