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    Enterprise Collaboration & Customer Experience events seeking speaker submissions

    Jakkii Musgrave

      Enterprise Collaboration TechFest (Melbourne, June 19-20) is seeking speaker submissions. The conference is vendor-agnostic (i.e. vendors do not present at the conference, and your talk would be about you and your work - not Jive), and has a strong focus on case studies.

      I facilitated some research group round tables in 2016, the output of which helps shape the content of the conference program. The key topic areas coming out in the research report Eventful Group are finalising are around delivering business value, technology strategy that aligns with changing business realities, cultivating systemic business change, creating a business culture embracing collaboration, enterprise social, governance approaches, and sustaining the momentum of collaboration.

      If you've a story to tell (and I know you all do!!) and would like to submit, please let me know and I'll forward you more info and connect you with Ian at Eventful Group.


      The conference will be co-located with their Customer Experience event, which is also seeking submissions - so if your story is more customer experience focused, there's an option for you too so please get in touch.



      Enterprise Collaboration Tech Fest – 18 – 20 June 2017, Crown Promenade, Melbourne

      Customer Experience Tech Fest – 18 – 20 June 2017, Crown Promenade, Melbourne