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    Testimonials Tile




      I've been asked if we can create a 'Testimonials Tile' for the homepage, where staff can enter quotes from our customers, and they scroll through. Looking at it, i can't see a way, unless I either use the html tile (in which case javascript doesnt work) or use it as a graphic carousel (in which case someone has to recreate an image each time)


      any thoughts?


      I seem to be getting increasing frustrated with Jive, it appears to be a good solid bit of software but everything feels a bit 'bolted on' - i don't find it that user friendly, or that flexible and you seem to have stopped doing that 'extra bit more' to just put it into the good software category, i.e. i was asked yesterday if we could create new user badges, i wasn't surprised when the answer was no. I know you can edit them, but we wanted to keep what was there and create new ones. *sigh*

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          Jive tries to incorporate as many of our customer's needs as possible in order to execute a larger "Hub" story where data can be brought from seemingly any source and collaborated on within Jive. The add-on framework provides several options to enrich your Jive experience with contextually relevant data.


          So for your use-case, I would recommend creating a Custom View Tile where you can enter the testimonials to be displayed in the configuration (manually) or if there's one piece of document or a place, you can query the piece of content or place for comments that have marked "Like" a certain amount or "Helpful" automatically along with moderation in the configuration to remove certain comments.


          For gamification, it's a bit more tricky because that strategy has a significant amount of mapping and simply adding a new badge would require reworking a larger structure.