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    Link "Settings" on Adminpage at Spaces/Settings/Filters and Macros/MicroblogMacro



      in our Jive environment I figured out that when selecting the link Settings on Spaces/Settings/Filters and Macros/MicroblogMacro on the Adminpage an exception is coming up which complains about a missing property descriptor for filter MicroblogMacro called from RenderFilter (see attached sbs.log).


      It took a little investigation to figure out what causes the problem:

      If I add the method getWallEntryManager as shown below

           public WallEntryManager getWallEntryManager() {

                return this.wallEntryManager;


      to the Microblog class and change the methods getGlobalResourceResolver and getLinkRenderStrategy to public style in the class BaseLinkMacro all works fine - no Exception anymore.


      The same issue can be found in our existing environment.


      Is there some configuration necessary or is this a bug in the jive core?


      Identical issues came up with:

      • PollMacro (Method getPollManager is missing in class PollMacro) see attached PollMacro.log
      • AppMacro (Methods getAppManager and getAppURLFactory are missing in class AppMacro) see attached AppMacro.log
      • AppEmbeddedVideoMacro (Methods getAppManager, getAppURLFactory, getJiveObjectLoader and getObjectTypeRegistryV2 are missing in class AppEmbeddedVideoMacro) see attached AppEmbeddedVideoMacro.log
      • WallEntryLinkFilter (Methods getJiveObjectLoader, getObjectTypeManager and getTagActionUtil are missing in class WallEntryLinkFilter) see attached WallEntryLinkFilter.log
      • LinkFilter (Methods getBuilder and getLinkRenderStrategy are missing in class in LinkFilter) see attached LinkFilter.log
      • IPhoneImageFilter (Method getImageManager is missing in class IPhoneImageFilter) see attached IPhoneImageFilter.log


      Regards Götz