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    Unnecessary &nbsp addition to HTML code in Jive.


      Hi guys,


      I have encountered an issue while updating  my document content in Connect using Jive API. I am using "request.put" and posting some html code(table) to  the content. But once i post/update the content the editor invokes unnecessary '&nbsp' tags on top of the table, which makes it look weird. Does anyone encountered the same issue?


      My original code. I am converting this to json and then passing as an argument in request.put.

      <TABLE cellpadding="4" colspan="5" font-size="300" border="1" style="border: 2px solid;,  border-spacing: 3px, background-color:lightblue;">









        <TD style="border: 2px solid;">HADOOP</TD>

        <TD style="border: 2px solid;">read,write,execute</TD>

        <TD style="border: 2px solid;">[u'APP_***_***_***']</TD>

        <TD style="border: 2px solid;">[u'hadoop', u'yarn']</TD>

        <TD style="border: 2px solid;">/*</TD>



      Modified code by editor pulled from browser,


      <div class="jive-rendered-content">    it adds &nbsp,tags all over here*  &nbsp*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************    &nbsp,&nbsp                                                                                                                                                                                                      

      <table border="1" cellpadding="4" colspan="10" font-size="300" style="border: 2px solid;,  border-spacing: 3px, background-color:lightblue;"> <tbody><tr><th>Service</th><th>Permissions</th><th>Groups</th><th>Users</th><th>Location</th> </tr> <tr><td style="border: 2px solid;">HADOOP</td><td style="border: 2px solid;">read,write,execute</td><td style="border: 2px solid;">[u'APP_***_***_***', u'APP_RAN0_hdpdev_eng', u'APP_RAN0_***']</td><td style="border: 2px solid;">[u'hadoop', u'yarn', u'3********']</td><td style="border: 2px solid;">/*</td>


      I could see same issue been raised, but could not navigate to resolution.


      Any help will be appreciated.