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    How can I display system blog posts in a tile?

    Dennis Pearce

      I'm helping someone who wants to convert their overview page to activity + pages.  She currently has a View Blogs widget pointing to a system blog.  I'm trying to figure out how I can replicate that on a custom page.  The Latest Blog Posts tile doesn't give the option to point to any other blogs than the one in that place.  I tried to use a Super List tile but since system blogs are outside of any particular place, I can't seem to find any combination of filters that would give me a view of just those posts.


      I suppose I could create a special tag, apply it to the posts, and then filter on that tag to get the Super List string but this blog is authored by several different people and doesn't get posted to that often (thankfully -- it's for IT issues and alerts).  So I would prefer not to have to rely on them all remembering to add a particular tag when they need to post something.  I also realize she could just make a static list and update it manually but we'd prefer not to do that either.


      Am I missing something?  Any other ideas?

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          I thought a way to do that would be to add the rss feed for the system blog (go to blog > Actions > Manage > Blog Post RSS feed > copy URL for feed) into the external stream integration but when I tried, I got an error "Invalid feed url". Not sure why? Is it a bug or something else. I've added external feeds that way and then you can filter for rss content from the content page and use the super list tile. If you get it to work, let me know.


          Could there be a way to put that feed into an html tile to display? Not sure but someone more technical might know.

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              I'm trying to do this exact thing and having issues. It would be easier if Overview widgets transferred to Activity + Pages tiles, but it's not 1 to 1 and even the tiles you try to add custom in pages differ from column to column (super frustrating). If there is any insight into the "Invalid feed url" issue that would be super helpful. I'm playing around with it now and likely will for a little while, I'll post back if I figure it out.

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              Hi Dennis! Using Tags / a Tagged Content tile is a good option, unless...


              Do you happen to have an IT or Communications-related place? The reason I ask, is because if you SHARE the system blogs to any place, it will appear under that place's Content tab, and thus we are able to use that list with Super Tile.  It would still be that extra step of Sharing the blog, but at least you could use the Super List tile then

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                Hi Dennis Pearce,


                You can use the Key Content and Places Tile.



                Add up to 10 System Blogs, Change the Title to Community Blogs