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    Bug in Jive Org Chart Admin Console


      There is probably a Bug in the Jive Org Chart Admin Console under Admin People Management Org Chart. The Error can be reproduced by disabling the Setting “Is org chart enabled?" under Admin People Settings Org Chart Settings. When visiting the Org Chart page after that, it is not working and you get the following error in sbs.log:


      FreeMarker template error:

      The following has evaluated to null or missing:

      ==> graph  [in template "template/global/admin/manage-relationships-shared.ftl" at line 152, column 48]


      FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): 

      - Failed at: ${graph.ID?c}  [in template "template/global/admin/manage-relationships-shared.ftl" at line 152, column 46] 

      - Reached through: #include "manage-relationships-shared...  [in template "template/global/admin/manage-orgchart.ftl" at line 22, column 5]


      The error appears in Jive 8 and 9. It would be nice if someone can check this behavior.


      kind regards