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    Questions - Average Response Time Place Report


      This is a really simple question, I hope... But, should the number of "first to response" logged in the CVS file export of this Questions - Average Response Time Place report align with the total number of questions asked in the place? For example, if I pulled a report for a specific period and there are say 20 questions asked in that place over that time period and each question received a response on a different day. Wouldn't there be 20 individual logs of time in hours of "to first response" in the report to represent each question that received a response? 

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          Hi Heather,


          Reviewing through your description above, assuming all questions were asked and answered within the timeframe specified for your report and assuming each question was answered on a different day, I would expect the number of cells containing information to match the total question count.


          However, as the "Questions - Average Response Time" is an average time, reported by day, if multiple questions were responded to in a single day, I would then expect the "total question count" and "first to response" cell counts to differ.