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    Can you share best practises for knowledge base creation?


      Hi Everyone, I manage the Green Circle Community for an IT start-up and one of the deliverables that keeps resurfacing is the need for a "knowledge base". The reason why we have not made progress is that everyone thinks of something different and I have not succeeded in putting down the "must-haves". Would you be willing to share some best practises of how you tackled your kb or even let me see your setup?


      Currently, I am thinking in terms of must-haves:

      - specific search for Knowledge base with dynamic filtering

      - curated most asked support questions

      - known issues-section



      Best, Fran

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          Have you asked the users what they require? If you haven't, you may not be providing what they need.

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            Billy Volpone

            This is such a great question and I'd love to get some more community managers engaged. I think more often than not, having seen hundreds of communities launched over the years, everyone defines their knowledge base access and engagement uniquely. I often see agreement on what makes up a KB article, but not always how it should be presented. Some like Boomi and Wavefront have navigated users to a dedicated KB space that's organized to fit their needs. Once in that space, it would be easy to extend our enterprise search inside of a custom tile/widget to only show documents from within that area... or simply use the "Ask a Question" widget/tile then use the built-in filtering to narrow your focus as well before a user might type a new question.


            Other communities like Hitachi or Nintex seem to show KB documents throughout the entire community. Some in "Getting Started", some in "Training", some in product specific areas, etc. It becomes more about the action or product in question than it is about being inside of a single KB space. The Jive enterprise search and our ability to allow communities managers to "Promote" specific content to the top of search,  thereby making it sticky, really takes care of most users when looking for a certain document.


            We would also speak to the Super List tile, if you wanted to filter for them... or how categories could be leveraged in a KB space to call out "known issues", etc. There really is no wrong answer, to Colum's point, it's often about the audience and the organization in question based on your portfolio and existing site layout.

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              On top of what Colum and Billy mention, there is also a potential issue of public versus private/paid.