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    ACTIVITY style in Tiles




      I'm trying to add an Activity tile that should be created at the installation of my add-on. I added the tile field in the definition.json as sequent:


      "tiles": [


          "displayName" : "Course catalog updates",

          "name" : "SmarterpathCoursecatalog",

          "description" : "Updates and activities from the global course catalog",

          "style" : "ACTIVITY",

          "icons" : {

             "16" : "http://localhost:19639/cdn/assets/images/icon16.png",

             "48" : "http://localhost:19639/cdn/assets/images/icon48.png",

             "128" : "http://localhost:19639/cdn/assets/images/icon128.png"


                "config": "",

                "register": "http:\/\/localhost:19639\/api\/Registration\/RegisterTile",

                "unregister": "http:\/\/localhost:19639\/api\/Registration\/RegisterTile"




      my endpoint in the register field is not called at all and i'm not sure of how the config file should look like.


      Can somebody tell me if there is a detailed documentation that i can follow? or any idea of why my endpoint is not called?


      thank you in advance.