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    Deleting group while others are posting content will lock up the entire group and render it unusable


      Has anyone tried to verify the lock and unlock synchronization and integrity for this multi-threaded app to ensure the "Delete Group" operation can be done asynchronously?  (Copy Micah Markman).


      Assuming A, B, and C are privileged users (admin cap) of Group X and existing file Bar.

      • User A performs a "Delete Group" operation at T1.
      • User B performs a "Delete File" or "Add Comments" or any operations that require modifications to a file at T1.
      • After some time elapsed, both operations of users A and B will return Jive Unavailable error at TA and TB (see further below).
      • User C uploads a new file Foo at T2.  Operation is allowed.
        • A, B, C can't "Add comments" to files Foo and Bar.
        • A, B, C can't delete files Foo and Bar.
      • All sessions can still access to Group X but find it unusable.