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    How can I set data-ident property in Jive9?



      I'm currently modifying activity_stream_create_menu_view.js file to add my customizations.


      Here is the actual code snippet


      if (main.location === 'pmenu') {

                          main.$menuItems.filter('a').each(function() {

                              var $item = $j(this);     



                              if (!$item.hasClass('quick')) {

                                  $item.attr('href', $j.param.querystring($item.attr('href'), main.addlParams));

                              } else {

                                  var quickCreateUrl = $item.data('quick-create-url');

                                  if (quickCreateUrl.indexOf('create-quick-task') != -1) {


                                          $j.param.querystring(quickCreateUrl, {

                                              project: main.addlParams.containerID








      I'm currently accessing the DOM elements using $item.data('ident') property. It seems data-ident property is randomly generated. So where can I set data-ident value so that I can retrieve here and make necessary customizations?