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    Rules for one-off places


      I'm sure this is common for most Community Managers so I would like to hear how others have handled this.  Once different pockets of an organization see the value of community they often want a special one-off place (group or space) created to promote an effort they are involved with.  Typically these don't completely fit in the existing community structure or the interested party wants something focused that may otherwise live in a broader area. In the past I had built some of these one-off areas and over time it resulted in a cluttered mess to clean up when the flame went out.  I wanted to take some of my lessons learned and hear from others to create a governance policy around this so an interested party will know the rules of the game up front to run a special place. This will help them see what it takes on their end as well as ensure things stay organized and run smoothly.  Please look at the list below and add any input you have.


      • Training will be given by the Community Manger on how to manage the page layout.
        • Tiles should be used to create pages unless a special circumstance warrants widgets.
        • UI/UX approval is required before making any pages live.
      • An owner needs to be defined that is committed to staying active and overseeing the area for its lifetime.
      • SMEs must be identified and committed to respond to questions that don't get answered within an agreed upon time frame.
      • A content schedule or other activity drivers should be identified.
      • Work with Community Manager on a plan to advertise the area.
      • The owner must participate in a monthly meeting with the Community Manager.
      • Any metrics needed for this area should be identified ahead of time.
      • When activity or some other factor determines the area is no longer warranted, a content cleanup effort must be performed to see what is worth keeping.
        • The owner supplies the resources for the content cleanup and moving effort.
        • For content that is staying, a destination area needs to be identified along with any applicable categories to move the content into.
        • All other remaining content that is no longer relevant will be moved to a restricted area defined by the Community Manager.


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