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    What do you do when people post job openings?

    Frank Field

      Hi, fellow external community members?


      I was just flagged to a post in my community where someone basically posted a job opening.  That's never happened before. We don't have a specific policy against it. But it's odd in a support-deflection community.

      Only one complaint about it and it wasn't someone who was super mad, just thought I should move it.  But I don't have anyplace to move it to.


      What do any of you do with something like that?

      What do you do when you find a post that doesn't really fit anywhere in your community but isn't "bad?"


      Just kinda surprised by this one today.


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          To be honest, unless this becomes a problem and jobs are being posted that are in no way relevant to the theme of your community, I would look the other way unless you find that your competitors are trolling your community looking for people.


          Think about it, if one of your customers hires another one of your customers based on their knowledge of your product or peripheral skill sets, this is almost a form of brand loyalty that doesn't cost you any marketing dollars.


          Just my 2 cents.  If you have legal counsel you can run this past, you may want to do so as they may disagree with my approach.

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            Most of the communities I have dealt with have a stipulation in the terms and conditions or ground rules that says all posts have to stay "on topic" and I think you would have grounds to say this was not. I can see how it would be a gray area though.  If it is not very clear cut on what to do, I would run it by your internal community team including the executive sponsor to reach a decision and then either make an area appropriate for the job posting so it can be moved or update the terms and conditions to clearly cover this point and remove it with a private message to the user.

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              Helen Chen

              Last external community I managed, this was considered a huge positive action as this showcased the marketability of having great skills in our product lines.  As CM, I watched for these and shared with folks that I knew who were actively seeking positions to make sure they were aware. 


              If this becomes very active, I would do as Matt Nevill mentions and create a formal process and place to manage the noise. 

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                Frank Field

                I appreciate the feedback, folks.


                I, too, was pleasantly surprised, but wasn't sure it was in the right spot - because I don't have one. In fact, my community is a mix of Partners and customers, and a clear benefit to Partners who're active is that there are potential clients they're right in front of.  But we don't talk about it, and I don't encourage Partners to do marketing of their services in the community. We all just assume that the ones who're active are smart in taking advantage of the platform and that customers contact them directly, not with a job posting.


                I AM the "team," so it's just me, tho I do have a boss to report to. I'll certainly be discussing it with him to get his take. :-)


                But for now, yes, I'm taking the "look the other way" approach. 


                Fun "problem" to have.

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                  Toby Metcalf

                  Hi Frank,

                  My community is for peer to peer support so most conversations / content are product related.

                  I did create a networking group, but it does not get much activity.  I am glad to have it because it does give me a place to move content to rather than deleting.