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    Has anyone wanted to see a dynamic view of the Jive Product Roadmap by Product Module?


      If so please vote up my Idea ( ) and provide feedback so we can have a more transparent view of the Product Roadmap by Module. I would love to see what Ideas/Product Enhancements have been "Accepted" and are "Scheduled" to be delivered and also where some of my ideas rank which eventually become Product Enhancement Roadmap items that go into Jive's JIRA system and development team for bug tracking. We understand that things happen and priorities change, things slip and we won't hold you to every single date but it would be good to see what the over plan is by Product (Jive-n vs Jive-x) and by module (Ideation, Gamification, Core Platform, Outlook Integration, SFDC Integration, etc.).

      Ideas for Jive


      Here is my proposed process change highlighted below: