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    Bookmarks not supporting numeric field




      I am using Jive 8 instance and trying to create a bookmark. I navigated to the custom group created as "My Test-2017" and clicked on option "Bookmarks". The bookmark got saved, but it took the default bookmark title, which for me was "Login | MyJive". I tried the same with another group "My-Test", which got saved as "My-Test".


      The numeric field is not getting accepted in Bookmarks inside the group as well from the create option. Seems the Title field does not accept number.


      To replicate the issue: In the community - create - Bookmarks - Give URL as www.google.com/groups/test-2017-space ( dummy / test URL)  and in the Title provide "Test-2017-space" and save. The bookmark is saved without the Title and shows the URL, under search "Bookmarks"


      Is this a known issue? Is there any other way to have numeric data added to bookmarks?