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    Formatting questions on our instance

    Ian Anderson

      Dear All,

      I have a couple of questions posed by our Digital Communications Manager regarding formatting on our Cloud instance, and wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction?


      1. Color questions


      Is it possible to have the following bit of css changed



      .j-support-body-header, .j-support-social-header

      background-color to: #ffffff





      background-color to: #ffffff



      2. Icon questions

      Is  it possible to update the icons shown  below with our own designs



          Is this something that can be done, by us or by Professional Services?  If by Professional Services, how long and what cost?


      Thanks, Ian

        • Re: Formatting questions on our instance

          Hi Ian,


          For more information on theming in Cloud, you might find the Theming Your Community section of the Jive documentation helpful.


          For the icon portion, it might be possible to update these as it appears these are found within a widget/tile in your instance. As such I would suggest reaching out to the developer of this tile/widget as they might have a guide they could provide you with.


          Lastly, if you are interested in engaging with our Professional Service team I would suggest either reaching out to your account manager or submitting a case in your customer group ( MyJive Secret Support Group Administration FAQ ) where a member of our support team can request an engagement on your behalf.



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