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      • Re: Arabic Hebrew Support

        Hi Keith,


        Reviewing through your description, Right-to-Left language is supported in Jive UI elements - Jive in Translation

        Right-to-Left Language Support

        *We now include Hebrew and Arabic translations of the interface and support for other right-to-left languages as follows.

        • The content editor accepts RTL text.
        • When a right-to-left locale is selected, text in documents, discussion prompts, comments, replies, widgets, tiles, and so on flows from right to left.
        • The page flow is reversed. For example, controls and field labels are right-aligned rather than left-aligned.

        Support includes the core Jive web application displayed to end users, including the following:

        • Responsive mobile on a mobile browser (but not the mobile apps)
        • Search
        • Analytics reporting and impact stats
        • Events
        • Video
        • Gamification end user UI

        The following areas, integrations, and features are not supported:

        • Document previews
        • Jive mobile apps (but responsive view of the application on a mobile browser IS supported)
        • Jive for Office and Jive for Outlook
        • Jive Anywhere
        • External storage provider solutions like Box, SharePoint, Google Docs, and Dropbox
        • Spell checking


        For example, selecting Arabic as my browser's language displays the content in a right-to-left format:

        Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.02.15 PM.png