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    How do YOU track problems with registrations?

    Frank Field

      Hi, everyone!


      Occasionally, I'll get an email from a potential member of my community complaining that they were not able to register. Today, I watched as a new co-worker had the problem. It appeared that Captcha is where he got hung up. He typed in the correct info (several times), but still got an error and was not able to create an account.


      This makes me wonder how many other potential members have been dissuaded from registering.  I'm not 100% sure Captcha is the problem for all registration hangups.  I might start a case about it, but wanted to hear from my fellow CMs first: Do you have any similar problems that crop up? If so, how do YOU go about figuring out the point of failure?


      I know from Google Analytics how many visitors I have vs. registered members. But that doesn't pinpoint this particular issue.  I appreciate any thoughts/suggestions/direction.