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    Rewards API


      I've looked into the REST API looking for REWARDS API calls and couldn't find anything.   I'm looking to (1) Query badges given and (2) see if I can give a badge via an API call.   Can someone point me in the right direction? 


      I found i similar question and it was answered related to Bunchball but I think Jive Rewards replaced that.

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          Gary, see my answer here:

          Is there a way to report who received a user badge in Jive Rewards?


          To make it short- there is no documentation, but Jive has a REST API which can be used...



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              Interesting but it doesn't solve my issue as we're not using Badges for leaderboard purpose.  They are given out to people by their peers for supporting the corporate vision.  Once a quarter I'd pull a report for HR and Mgmt and they'd select a winner based on the content of the award given.  It has nothing to do with who gets how many awards.   I need something where I can pull info associated with all of them within a time period.

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              Ryan Rutan

              The only public "API" that we have for Rewards is through this documentation:



              Other than that...there are no other interactions with rewards (currently) via API. =(


              I'll log your features and see what happens...but this has been an internal topic of mine for a while, so any external use-cases you have that we can share would be greatly appreciated to state the case.


              Thanks for sharing, Gary!

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                  Hi Ryan, if you are open to features here...

                  Can we have more features to work with rewards like getting current user state?
                  Now we only have level and points count in user profile object. Can we have some endpoint to get user's history or state like if he used awards before at all(new starter) or did he received any points before.
                  Cause from what I understand user potentially could have 50 points and then downgrade to 0 and you will newer now is he newcomer or used rewards before...

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                  Which API call do I need to use to list the Badges given to a specific user


                  I can see the person record  with /api/core/v3/people/@me   but the son returned does not include my badges.   How do I see them?