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    Is there a way to have a private group and invite members but not show who is part of the group?


      We have hundreds of private restricted account team groups in our external community.


      The question I get asked often is from account managers that manage multiple accounts. 80% of the content they want to share with the client is the same across multiple clients. They don't want to upload the same document in multiple private groups - this is time consuming, but more important very difficult to keep them in sync with changes.


      They would like 1 "place" where they can invite multiple clients to follow for documentation (so they get notification of new or updated content)  - but the kicker is - they don't want the members them to see who is in the "place".  The "place" would have to be read only so that no one can comment or ask questions (which to me is the benefit of community - but I understand).


      Can I hide the "people" tab in the Cloud environment for select groups? What am I missing? There has to be a way to do this - I am just having a mental block.


      Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you,