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    How to reset the admin password for Jive 9 on premise!




      We are in the process of  upgrading our Jive instances from Jive6 to Jive 9 and we are doing an intermediate step of updating to Jive8 from 6 and then to 9!


      We have a development instance of 9 that we can't login to with the admin password.


      Updating the passwordhash in the MySQL database did not work as described in another discussion, that works fine for our 8 instance and below, but not 9.


      Doing this does not work as suggested by another:


      DELETE FROM jiveProperty WHERE name = 'jive.master.encryption.key.node';

      DELETE FROM jiveProperty WHERE name = 'jive.master.eae.key.node';



      Any help or assistance would be great.