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    Is there an update on when this bug (specific to Jive Daily Token settings) will be fixed?

    Stephanie Standring

      We filed 2 cases for issues with the Jive Daily and Jive Mobile Token settings. The settings do not save after you update them and are also reset after updates, upgrades and restarts. Here is the bug that is associated to our cases: [JIVE-75302 - Add-on advanced settings save incorrectly].


      I wanted to get an idea on when this bug will be fixed or is targeted to be fixed. We continue to receive feedback from our users that the constant logging into the app is very frustrating and doesn't simulate the experience that other phone apps have (in regards to staying logged in). I am afraid with some users it gets to the point where they don't want to use the app anymore because of the constant logging in. We have made them aware that it is a bug, but I am just hoping I can provide them with some good news, which is why I posted this question. Thanks!