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    Adding permissions to a Group

    Toby Metcalf

      Good day everyone,

      I am trying to add permissions to a group, but not sure how to do it or if I have to create a new group, and add people to it.

      Within the Admin Panel: People - Group Summary.

      I can see the group who's permissions I would like to update, but not sure how I can add to it.

      Do I need to go to the Permissions tab - System Administration - Add Group?

      Best case would be update an existing rather than create a new.

      I am on Jive 7 - Hosted

      Thank you,


        • Re: Adding permissions to a Group

          I know, it's a little confusing.


          It seems that this function should be part of People->Management->User Group Summary->Properties, but it's not.


          The Groups you setup are really just buckets of specific users.


          Permissions->Space Permissions is where you assign rights to the group:



          You can then create custom "Permission Levels" using the Permissions->Space Permissions Levels menu item,

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