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    Unable to get extended properties from curl




      I'm currently trying to extend content properties but I have some troubles for getting it back. I'm doing something like this :

                  subject: "Test extProps",
                  content: {
                      "type": "text/html",
                      "text": "Sample content"
                  parent: "<my place id>"
              }).execute(function(idea) {
                  console.log(idea); //this is fine
                  //setup external properties
                      "test": "val1", "f2" : "val2", "f3" :"val3"
                  }).execute(function(res) {
                      console.log("res", res);


      The "res" log prints a JSON object of the properties added.

      However, when I try to get the properties added with a CURL, I get an empty content :


      curl -X GET -i -H 'Authorization: Bearer token '  'url/api/core/v3/contents/1132/extprops'  


      I get the following response



      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      Server: Apache
      X-Jive-Request-Id: fa8e62a0-0599-11e7-b88d-005056af1fca
      X-Jive-Flow-Id: fa8e62a1-0599-11e7-b88d-005056af1fca
      X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN
      P3P: CP="CAO PSA OUR"
      X-JIVE-USER-ID: 2100
      Content-Type: application/json
      Expires: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:00:54 GMT
      X-JSL: D=12743 t=1489154454985179
      Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:00:55 GMT
      Content-Length: 3
      Connection: keep-alive
      Set-Cookie: jive.login.ts=1489154454986; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly;HttpOnly
      Set-Cookie: X-JCAPI-Token=P3vON7sQ; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly
      Set-Cookie: BIGipServerpool_jivedemo-saegus-internal.jiveon.com=1078094090.20480.0000; path=/

      What is missing ?


      + : When I post the external properties from a curl request, it works

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          Ryan Rutan

          When you are in the OSAPI Code...are you able to get the ExtProps from within the same app? 


          For example,

          function(idea) {



          function(response) {





          My suspicion is that the OAuth token you are using isn't linked to the same Add-On as your Tile/App that you are using to call this OSAPI Code.  All ExtProps are isolated from other Add-ons, so if the Oauth Token you have is from another Add-On...it will in-deed be empty.


          Checking from the App with some quick test code is the easiest way to ensure that the data is in fact being persisted.


          Hope that helps.

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