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    Can you manually Archive a Discussion/Question/Blog


      Our members have asked if content can be archived on an individual basis so it can only be referenced for their reading pleasure but without ability to comment?


      They have a place where the curate content that has been helpful but after a period of time they don't want people to be able to comment on it but still want it accessible to be read.  I know there are some auto archive capabilities but they don't necessarily want to leave it up to a machine...

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          Hi Mark Schwanke,


          When your members just want to avoid additional comments for individual content why are they not using the advanced option when editing content?


          Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 10.08.58.png


          Not sure if that would work for your members but it does restrict additional comments for content.




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              We migrated to Jive in January.  Most of the content that was migrated over ended up as Discussions and Blogs.  Blogs and Documents allow user to restrict comments but Discussions/Questions doesn't allow the author to do this as far as I am aware.  This makes it hard for someone to restrict comments on their own discussion. There is some curated UGC that they want to "archive" after a certain time period. Since these are members of the community and not employees we haven't given them Moderator controls. 


              Going forward we may have Discussions and Questions that are UG that are curated into a Featured area of the community and then eventually get archived at a later date.


              As the admin of the community I just wondered if there were any bulk capabilities to archive content without using the auto-archive functionality where I wouldn't have to give members the ability to control other people's content but I could still quickly go in and select multiple things and archive them.


              Thanks for your suggestion Gregor Honer