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    what do you do when you need an escalation on an support case escalation ? /440666



      I requested and was granted an escalation on a languishing case /440666 and we're still going back and forth by emails.

      What do you do when your escalation is languishing and you can't seem to get the jive team to reach out and just pick up the phone?!


      i wonder have others struggled to get the right attention on your critical issues, and what did you do to resolve it?

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          Hi Mike,


          Generally speaking, it will depend on the type of issue being investigated and the current status of the case to determine if a call is needed to progress the case, or if this would only delay the engineering investigating the issue. Additionally, escalating a case will increase the visibility of an issue on the Jive side, and engage additional resources on the case, so I would typically recommend this approach if the issue is of priority on your side. Alternatively, if the issue is preventing you from accessing your instance or your site is being reported as down, I would suggest submitting a sev1 case in your customer group which will page out to our support team to get a resource assigned. 


          That being said, reviewing through the case referenced above it appears the case was escalated and our escalation manager was able to schedule a call with you on the afternoon of March 13th.