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    Jive-x User Registration Verbiage


      Jennifer Kelley Billy Volpone


      How do you change the verbiage on the registration page?



      Thank you,


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          Billy Volpone

          Hi Trevor. Can you confirm if you're currently on the Jive-x cloud version or is this Jive 8/9 single-tenant hosted? If cloud, then I don't believe that messaging can be altered. Maybe you can share a bit more on what you were looking to change based on the use case?


          You might also want to post this within your support space instead or potentially a product feedback area. Since it's technical related, this best practices group might not share the same kind of developer expertise as some other areas.

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            As Billy stated you lose some flexibility with Cloud.  I think a phrase substitution would allow this on a Hosted version of Jive. 


            On a related topic, go vote this up: