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    Move Content App - Unable to reach remote host. HTTP status 404

    Nidheesh Ep

      Hi  Siddhartha Deshpande , Pawan Shah,

      I have uploaded the package for Move Content App. The app was working fine. Recently I noticed that, while clicking on the Move Content link from the group tab, it throws "Unable to reach remote host. HTTP status 404" .This issue is not coming everytime. It disappears, when I do a refresh again. Example, If I try to access  Move Content app 10 times, error throws 4-5 times.


      Jive version: 8.0.5


      Error in console:


      $place.objectType: 700

      https ://my_portal/communities/gadgets/ifr?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmy_portal%2Fcommunities%2Fresources%2Fstatics%2Fapps%2FmoveContent%2Fapp.xml&container=default&view=movecontent&lang=en&country=US&debug=0&nocache=0&sanitize=0&v=eb2b77c92f869c185bda5719e9d3e1af&st=default%3AuXhGEFXZg9nLwr088XRvIeKRFwpXaCmf9t0ihjEKk96cT3sMLC8O6-O-vOYmfiLHLXQ7TrYFLq_pNNjN7U0_oZR7xBjy_xYq7PjfuewZiV2JItDHdc215K28PCLdX9DL1FPp8dDmC1ytnSm220rpnWAD7lQibllt2YzbtEo5WH2DM3tLiogs_b3TXpA3a2ol02GWhg-XBTHeOYdcS9VxoSVgBygWyWgaKdgxFgMpLy2ktLe9&testmode=0&parent=https%3A%2F%2Fmy_portal&mid=0#rpctoken=661071032