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    Daily Activity Responses CMR vs. Content Comments DES


      I'm a little confused by the data in the Daily Activity CMR data and the Content DES data when it comes responses vs. comments and looking for help to understand the difference in the data.


      What content is included in the total for responses when I export the Daily Activity report? I searched the community but couldn't find anything referencing it.


      I'm trying to determine how many people posted a response / comment during a time period in DES, but when I compare the comments in the DES Content report to the Daily Activity responses, the Daily Activity report shows responses being 100% higher than what is appearing in the DES Content report for comments. Do I need to pull other DES reports for the full count of comments that are included in the Daily Activity responses for totals to align?


      CC: Claire Flanagan, Ted Hopton and Mahal Torres