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    Tile configuration breaks Array prototype in config


      In our company we use polyfills in tile development - like babel-polyfill or it's base - core-js. If browser doesn't support modern interface of arrays, objects, etc - the polyfill extends their prototypes to use methods like "findIndex", "map" and many others.


      Yesterday I found troubling bug: when I load the config in a tile with jive.tile.onOpen(function (config, options) {}) - arrays present in the config object don't pass a test on instanceof Array and the polyfilled methods are not available in IE11 and possibly other browsers which actually require the polyfill to use those methods.


      I checked thoroughly - before config is saved by jive.tile.close, all arrays are instances of Array. The error only appears on load of config.


      There are ways to fix this, I use the next turnaround: config = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(config)), but I think this is actually a bug.